Vocal Psychotherapy

Vocal Psychotherapy (VP) is a depth-oriented approach utilizing breath, somatic awareness, natural sounds, and singing to promote intrapsychic and interpersonal development. It is informed by contemporary neurobiology and Jungian psychology, and is an option for anyone regardless of background or relationship with voice. 


What does a VP session look like?

The client and therapist engage in verbal dialogue to determine a focus or theme for exploration. This theme may be musically explored through a song or chant. Often the improvised techniques known as vocal holding and free associative singing are utilized. The therapist determines with the client the parameters (such as whether to use words or non-verbal sounds, and whether there is an imagined subject to whom the client will sing) that will support and structure the musical exploration. The therapist accompanies the client's singing with their own voice as well as another instrument, typically piano. The client and therapist verbally process the experience when the singing has ended. Often, images, sensations, or emotions that are not in conscious awareness become accessible when singing is involved and can then become a conscious part of the therapy process.

For more information on Vocal Psychotherapy, visit the website of the creator of the approach: http://dianeaustin.com/music/

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