Music & Imagery

Music & Imagery (MI) is a therapeutic approach that uses recorded music and verbal processing to deepen the client's response to their imagery evoked from the carefully chosen music.  It is a directive, verbally guided experience that is a very effective clinical intervention used to enhance the client's experience of a specific issue or focus. 


What does an MI session look like?

The client remains in a seated position with eyes opened, while the therapist sits nearby, controlling the music, and guiding the client verbally.

MI sessions start with a verbal check-in, where the focus of the imagery is decided by the client and therapist.  After choosing the music, the therapist will guide the client in a short relaxation as the music starts; this is directly followed by verbal guidance over the music.  The client is then directed to continue their experience on paper with art supplies and art paper.  After an appropriate amount of time spent putting the experience on paper, the music will be stopped and verbal processing of the experience will commence.

For more information on Music and Imagery and Guided Imagery in Music, visit the Association for Music & Imagery website:

109 Clairmont Drive

Hendersonville, NC 28791


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