Individual Music Psychotherapy


Individual music psychotherapy provides an opportunity to access deep transformation through the one-on-one relationship with your therapist. It combines verbal dialogue (as in traditional "talk therapy") between therapist and client with opportunities for active and receptive engagement with music. Music is sometimes known as the "co-therapist".


In additional to verbal counseling, sessions may include Music & Imagery or Vocal Psychotherapy techniques based on your goals and needs, and may involve listening to live or recorded music, singing or playing songs, improvising music, songwriting, or song discussion.


We are here to support your journey...

  • adapting to grief, loss, or chronic disease

  • managing depression or anxiety 

  • navigating addiction recovery

  • integrating spiritual wounds

  • processing trauma (developmental, complex, racial, or incidental)

  • addressing unhelpful or "stuck" relationship or attachment patterns

  • discovering your deep, authentic, creative Self


No musical experience is necessary to benefit from music psychotherapy; you are inherently a creative being, and we are trained to help people of all abilities and backgrounds engage with music in ways intuitive to them and aligned with their goals. 

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