We have special interest in supporting and affirming our LGBTQIA community, and are committed to ongoing education and cultural humility as we serve Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (specifics about efforts and intersections are available on Cathleen's listing on A Therapist Like Me). Because we believe equity is about action as much as inclusion, we redistribute 5% of our monthly income to local BIPOC-led efforts that support health equity. Because equitable access to support and resources, or lack thereof, impacts every community member we serve regardless of their background and story, we see these commitments as an extension of the therapeutic process.


Additionally, we strive to create a scent-free, sound-machine optional environment with varied seating options to be as welcoming as possible to our neurodiverse community. Although we have a ground floor office, our space does not meet ADA accessibility requirements at this time; if you have questions about our ability to meet specific mobility or sensory needs, please contact us!

109 Clairmont Drive

Hendersonville, NC 28791


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